The Original Revival Story

Hey there, I'm Steve, the founder and CEO of RVL. Let me take you back to where it all began – a place of dissatisfaction, dreams, and a burning question: "Why not me?"I'm an engineer by trade, but there was a fire inside that was ignited when I saw people taking bold risks in the entrepreneurial world.

When it Began

It was around 2015 when the fitness industry was booming, especially personal training. But here's the thing: it wasn't my passion. Sure, I spent hours at the gym, but I felt a deeper pull, a need to create something meaningful – something that was more than just a brand, something woven with my personal story.

That's when RVL was born. It wasn't just a business idea; it was a revival of dreams and purpose. The name itself, RVL, stood for more than letters; it symbolized a revival, a reawakening of my aspirations.

I started by selling hats out of my old Lexus, right in the Good Life parking lot on Calgary trail. It was humble beginnings, but my friends caught on, and soon enough, I was delivering all around the city.

But RVL has and will always be more than clothing; it's a philosophy. "Work Hard. Stay Humble." Flashiness wasn't my style. I wanted authenticity, to show the world the real side of entrepreneurship. We live in a world where being an entrepreneur is glorified, but I wanted to peel back the curtain and show the truth – the sweat, the challenges, the grind.

Our Clothing?

It's all about the fit. We design our pieces to hug the body, to radiate confidence. And that special 94 SIX fabric? It's the result of months of dedication, ensuring stretch, style, and comfort coexist harmoniously. Each piece is a labor of love, a collaboration with my friends and the community, a reflection of what we'd proudly wear ourselves.

RVL is a story of revival – not just in fashion, but in values. It's about authenticity, about bringing the world into our journey of creation. It's about redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur, to showcase the raw, unfiltered reality of the path less taken.

So, as I stand here at the helm of RVL, I see it as more than a brand. It's my personal revival story, a tale of hard work, humility, and the belief that dreams can be more than just dreams – they can be reality.

Work hard. Stay humble.

Steve Liang

The Start of

The Revival Story

The first concept of RVL was made, and was produced over 50 hats. The first being Black/White and Heather Gray/Lime Green. These were sold out of the Lexus.

move to clothes

the warehouse

Just moved into our first office/warehouse space. We started designing our first pieces of clothing, we moved away from just hats. The RVL team also took on China to explore potential new manufactures.

finally online

the RVL website

Finally launched the RVL website, expanding our reach, we also, sold the Original Lexus.

traveling canada

Pop-ups and shows

RVL takes on the Vancouver and Montreal Pro Shows. Moved into the back warehouse, as we out grew the upstairs space.

new beginnings

the partnerships

Moved to our third temporary warehouse that we renovated. Invited up to Suncor, Fire Bag. Partnered up with Clothes General to create a new leather patch hat. We also brought in a new retailer. We started our first partnership with SS Wake Surf.

Black Friday craze

The Pandemic

RVL makes another move into our fourth warehouse. Started the biggest Black Friday Campaign to that date.

expanding the team

Moving again

We started hiring onto our team. Navigated through the pandemic and pushed our online presence. We also moved again into a tiny temporary warehouse space.

new line up

the tech collection

Moved into fifth temporary warehouse. This was the largest space we've had, we began to look for a retail location. We also introduced the all new Tech Line Up.

the present

The Storefront

Finally found a home for our store front. Rebuilt the signature wall. And began to expand our repertoire of clothing.