Everyone wants to show how glorious it is to be an entrepreneur; the time, the effort they put into their business, and the riches of success.
The cars, the girls and the stacks of money.

What I will show you instead is the dedication and persistence. What it is like to start from scratch, and starting from Edmonton where I call home.

I do not have a fairytale story like many successful entrepreneurs that you often hear of. I will not have a story that involves a misfortune or terrible turn of events and then used "inspiration" and motivated themself to build a fortune. This is MY story.

I will be real with you guys. I am a normal guy who loves being in and out of the gym, and ultimately the business of being able to bring products that I can relate to with an active lifestyle. 

I aim to inspire those who want to break out from their norm. Because, F*CK the norm. If there's something you want to do, go do it.

Take that first step. 
That is the Revival Life.

Steve Liang - CEO/Founder