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The Ben Stelter Project

RVL Apparel is proud to unveil a special collaboration with the Ben Stelter Foundation, introducing a line of exclusive toques crafted with care and purpose.

As we share this special creation with you, it's our privilege to announce that all profits from your purchase will directly contribute to the Ben Stelter Foundation. Join us in honoring Ben's legacy with warmth and style, as we weave his spirit into the fabric of our cause.

Support the cause with a

one of a kind toque

Designed in both extended slouched and regular lengths, each toque boasts a distinct colored logo inspired by the Oilers' vibrant color scheme.

As a testament to their uniqueness, every toque comes with a one-of-a-kind Ben Stelter card, individually numbered among a limited edition of 250.

What makes this project even more impactful is that ALL profits from the sale of these toques directly contribute to the Ben Stelter Foundation's mission of creating magical experiences, providing medical equipment, funding outcome-based research, and supporting innovative ventures in the realm of pediatric cancer. Join us in making a difference—one toque at a time.

The Ben Stelter Foundation's &

The Four Pillars

RVL Apparel is honored to stand alongside the Ben Stelter Foundation, an organization driven by four fundamental pillars. These pillars serve as a compass for their initiatives:

Magical Experiences: The Ben Stelter Foundation believes in creating enchanting moments for children battling cancer and their families.

Medical Equipment: Reducing the financial burden on families in need, the foundation extends support to those requiring advanced medical equipment at home for their children.

Outcome Based Research: With a focus on finding better treatments and potential cures, they strive to make lasting contributions to the fight against Glioblastoma and other pediatric cancers.

Venture Philanthropy: This pillar represents their commitment to supporting groundbreaking initiatives that contribute to cancer treatments and potential cures.