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HALLELUJAH! We’ve finally shaved off all our dirty muzzy’s! Even with this year's Movember officially being over, raising awareness has always been a priority for us here at RVL.

However, as of late it has become more personal.

This August, one of our RVL family members and athlete was diagnosed with cancer. It started with a tumour which was promptly removed.

However, upon diagnosis a couple weeks later, it was seen to have spread. He was rushed to the hospital that same day to begin chemo treatment; he's still being treated as of now.

We’ve all heard stories about the horrifying speed of cancer, but seeing it play out first person hits hard. As a company, we began to do a bit more research about the effect cancer has on men - here’s what we found:

  • The most common cancer found among young men is testicular cancer.
  • It is estimated that 8,000 to 10,000 men will develop testicular cancer each year.
  • The chance of developing testicular cancer is about one in 270.
  • Luckily the cure rate is greater than 95 percent for all men with testicular cancer.

Although it isn’t much we have created a new T-Shirt with all net proceeds going towards further research of testicular cancer.

Please join us in our quest to raise awareness and eradicate this disease.

Work hard. Stay Humble.


Steve Liang
CEO, RVL Apparel