Momentum - Men's Tech Pants - Black


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Momentum - Men's Tech Pants - Midnight Momentum - Men's Tech Pants - Slate Grey Momentum - Men's Tech Pants - Olive Momentum - Men's Tech Pants - Black


Men's Athletic Tech Pants.

A Seamless Transition From the Gym to Home.

Premium LUX/75 Fabric.
75% Nylon 25% Spandex.

Basis Tag - Lower Right Leg.
Zipper Front Pockets.
Zipper Back Pocket.
Sweat Wicking Waistband.
Inner Drawstrings.
Four-Way Stretch.
Preshrunk for Stretch and Shape Retention.

Fit Suggestion:
Tapered Athletic Fit.
This item runs true to RVL's standard fit.

 Size              Waist Size              Inseam
  S                       30                           31
  M                      32                           31
  L                       34                           32
 XL                     36                           32

Bryce is 6'2", 220lbs & Wears Size L.

Why We Made This

Buy clothes that last three years NOT three months. Clothes redefined to fit. Designed with the 94SIX fabric to create a fitted silhouette.

Customer Reviews

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Bryan P.
Very uncomfortable
Very comfortable
Too tight
Too loose
Too short
Too long
1 Star
5 Star
Product Value:
Very Poor
Not just any ordinary clothing line.

Picked up a pair of the tech pants and needless to say I need more because they are so comfortable, nice, go with anything and everything RVL puts out is amazing. Would highly recommend getting yourself a few for yourself.

Jory I
I've Basically Lived in Them

I originally purchased the tech pants, as a replacement to my Essential RVL joggers. I loved the joggers, but wore through the crotch and needed a replacement. When the tech pants showed up, I was happily surprised with how comfortable they were. They were a bit looser, and gave a great range of motion. I feel like I can do a full leg day in these, with no fear of tearing or pulling. Since they arrived, I've basically lived in them. I'd absolutely recommend these to anyone with larger than life thighs, or who just want to be comfortable and look stylish day to day.

Micheal G
Comfy and Stylish

These pants are awesome. I have the original pairs in black and navy, and am going to purchase the newer style in black. I wear these almost daily as they are comfy and also stylish. I also like how the newer ones have a skinnier leg. Will be purchasing more.

Colleen S
My Kids Love Them

I bought them for my son for Christmas. I ordered him a large they fit him everywhere but in his length, he is 6”2” so the length was a bit short. SOOoo on that note and on the other hand. He does love them other then that, BUT.. his wife loves them even more, sense she gets to wear them.😂 My daughter Tiffany also has a pair she bought and mentioned she LOVES hers. So all in all the pants get a good rep. My kids seem to love them. 5 ⭐️out of 5 ⭐️.

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